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Airmetrics - Innovative Air Sampling Equipment
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Rental MiniVol™ TAS Services
Airmetrics owns and maintains a small fleet of rental samplers for consultant use or for new customers to get acquainted with the MiniVol™ TAS. Rental samplers are available on a first-come/first-serve basis with a one-month minimum rental required. Contact Airmetrics for pricing.

Calibration Services
Airmetrics also offers Calibration Services for purchased MiniVols, FRM orifices, and the MiniFlow orifice (used to calibrate the MiniVol™). Airmetrics can also calibrate other flow auditing devices. All calibrated equipment comes with a calibration curve traceable to NIST. Contact Airmetrics for pricing.

Filter Weighing Services
In addition to supplying consumables and accessories for sampler use, Airmetrics offers a 47mm Filter Weighing Service to complement use of the MiniVol™ TAS and other types of air sampling equipment. We carry three types of filters (Fiber Film, Pure Quartz, and Pure Teflon; others may be special ordered), Contact Airmetrics for pricing.

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