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Basic Operation
Particulate Sampling
The MiniVol™ portable air sampler can be configured to collect either PM2.5, PM10, or TSP samples - but only one type at a time.

The MiniVol's pump draws air at 5 liters/minute through a particle size separator (impactor) and then through a 47mm filter. The 10 micron or 2.5 micron particle separation is achieved by impaction, or a TSP sample can be collected by removing the impactor(s). Gas samples can be taken simultaneously with particulate matter samples.

  Technical Specifications  
Double-diaphragm with laminar flow valve technology
Rated for 10,000 hours continuous operation
Ironless core motor with precious metal commutation
Flow range 0-10 LPM


Polypropylene copolymer weatherproof sampler case
Dimensions: 10" x 12" x 7"
Weight: less than 10 lbs. fully configured
All in one transport case
Dimensions: 19.75" x 12" x 18"
Weight: less than 40 lbs. with all accessories


Programmable 7-day timer with battery backup
Up to six sample periods per day
Pre-separator/Cassette Filter Holder Assembly
Non-directional louvered inlet design
Easily removed for cleaning
Standard 47mm filter holder
Nominal 10 micron or 2.5 micron "cut-point" at 5 liters/minute sample rate


Constant flow control circuit
AC or DC operation
Variable flow adjustment
Elapsed time totalizer
Low battery indicator and shut-off
Low flow rate indicator and shutoff
Battery Pack
Litium Ion batteries
14.8V / 118 Watt Hours
1.2 amp external battery charger
Full recharge in less than 6 hours



The particulate sample is caught on the filter, which must be weighed pre- and post-exposure with a microbalance accurate to one microgram. Sampling results are reported in micrograms/cubic meter. Airmetrics offers filter weighing services to complement use of the MiniVol™.

The MiniVol™ comes equipped with low flow and low battery shut-offs and operates from a rechargeable, lead-acid battery. The battery can power the sampler for 24 hours of continuous sampling before the battery pack must be exchanged for a freshly charged one.

The MiniVol™ also features a 7-day programmable timer, an elapsed time totalizer, and rugged PVC construction.

A new, corrected indicated flow rate must be established for each sampling project. This calibration ensures that the sampler has an ambient flow rate of 5 liters per minute and that there is consistent performance of the inertial size separator. The calibration accounts for the differing air temperatures and atmospheric pressures due to elevation and seasonal changes.

For a discussion of consumables (filters, petri slides, impactor grease, solvent) and siting accessories for the MiniVol™, visit our accessories/consumables page.

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